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Italian Lessons in Pisa

  1. Standard Course “Italian Language + Tuscany  Culture”: 
  • Grammar Lessons;
  • Conversation to improve comunicative skills in written and oral Italian;
  • Reading and Translation of Authentic Extracts of  Italian Literature;
  • About Tuscany:  Culture-History, Geography, Art,Fashion, Design,  Enogastronomy, Actuality and Folklore;
  • Educational Guided Tours in the historic centre of Pisa and its Tyrrhenian coast.


2.   “Italian LanguageWine Course”:

  • Grammar Lessons;
  • Conversation to improve comunicative skills in written and oral Italian;
  • History of Tuscany Wine Tradition;
  • How to taste Wine in few  Steps;
  • Tasting of the most important Tuscany Red Wines


3. “Italian Language + Art Course”:

  • Grammar Lessons;
  • Conversation to improve comunicative skills in written and oral Italian;
  • Italian Art History: from the beginnng to the modern time.


4. Professional Italian Course:

  • This course is intended for Professionals who already have a basic knowledge of the Italian Language and want to improve both their social Italian and the language they need for their professional life and  in the interaction with professional partners in Italy.


What about the structure of the Italian course?

corso italiano struttura

  • You will be placed to attend your Italian Course-Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Level-after an Entry Test sent via mail at the moment of the booking or during the first day of your Italian course;
  • 20 lessons per week (or more on request) at least- Medium and  Long Duration Italian  Courses are available;
  • 4 hours (each 1-hour lesson runs for 50 minutes) a day  from Monday till Friday ( afternoons-or mornings  whether possible).


When to book  Italian Lessons ?

  • You can Book your Italian Lesson all the year round-except during the  Italy’s national holidays;


What about Class sizes?

  • Class sizes  range from 1 to 10  students on average; this allows me  to monitor participants in my Italian language courses with particular care, and guarantees each student an active participation in the learning process;
  • Italian courses are designed  on Groups and Individual basis-it depends on the requests during the year; that’s why it is important to book in advance your Italian Course in order to know if there will be the possibility to join a Group course or not .


What does the price include?

  1. Educational Material :  worksheets, authentic texts -newspaper or magazine articles, taped dialogues, video-taped situations, letters, short stories, etc.;
  2. Half-Day Cultural Guided Tours in Pisa: at the end of your Italian Course (historic centre, monuments, churches, castles, markets, theatres,etc.);
  3. 1 free extra curricular activities during the weekend;
  4. Final  Certificate of Attendance 


How to Book your Italian Course? 

  • Write to me at: stefaniatardino@gmail.com  to book and customize your Italian Course;
  • I will test your Italian levelBasic, Intermediate or Advanced– after an entry test a test sent via mail at the moment of the booking or during the first day of your Italian course;
  • Once you have booked Your Italian Course you  will receive a Detailed Program of your Italian Course via e-mail  before your arrival– for the whole period of your stay and with a description of all your activities and schedules.


How to pay for your Italian Course? 

It is possible to pay: 

  • By Bank Transfer:  here below my Bank Account

              IBAN:              IT62-G084-5825-3000-0000-0024-994

              SWIFT CODE:       ICRAITRRCQ0 (last character is zero);


  • By PayPal here below:


If you decide to book an Italian Course at least 2 weeks before your arrival, you have to make a  Deposit of the 50% of the total  price of your Italian Course; the Balance must be paid no later than the first day of  your Arrival at our School.


General Rules about Italian Course: 

  • Italian Lessons : about 50 minutes-are held from Monday till Friday -generally in the afternoon-you can choose your own customized calendar on request ;
  •  Italian School in Pisa with me are available  all the year round-except during the  Italy’s national holidays;
  • In case of Complaints you may apply directly to me;
  •  At the moment of your Arrival or Departure I can help  you with providing to you with all the useful contacs of any means of transport from the Airport to Pisa.

In case of Renunciations/Cancellations or Reductions of  your Italian Course:

  • I must be informed immediately;
  • Deposit/Entry Fee/ Other payment are not transferable to any other person;
  •  If I  reject any entry or any service as agreed, you will be entitled to a full refund within 30 day;
  • Your Deposit of 50% of the total price in Euros of the Italian Course will not be refundable in case of Renunciation or Cancellation;
  •  If you interrupt or  leave your Italian Course , you won’t be entitled to any  refund;
  • You won’t be entitled to any  refund for any problems with your Arrival or Departure;
  • I am  only  responsible for the Organization of Your Italian Course;
  •  I  reserve the right to dismiss any student whose  conduct is unsatisfactory . There will be no refund for fees in cases of expulsion and any billed but unpaid fees become payable immediately.

Acceptance of this Regulation:

  • All enrolments are subject to the above mentioned General Rules, which become legally binding on acceptance of enrolment by my Italian Language Course;
  • By any  acceptance of an applicant’s electronic and/or signed form of registration or any other written form of registration , the applicant tacitly agrees to accept these General Rules;
  • The application is made according to the Italian Law, and the Italian Law will be applicable to any kind of dispute concerning any matter that might rise a dispute, due to the enrolment.

For any other question Contact Me:

  • E-mail:      stefaniatardino@gmail.com;
  • Mobile:     +39 338.28. 57. 202 ;
  • Skype ID:    Stefania.Tardino

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