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Italian Lessons On Sailing Boat



Book  a Special Package Holiday: Mini Cruise + 20  Italian Lessons on Havana Vela  , a beautiful Sailing Boat of 11,35  meters  with skipper and assistant on board . We cater for a maximum of 4/6  people and you do not need to be an existing group, just a little ‘team spirit”  to share the common areas and to meet  new people.


The Sailing School Havana Vela gives you the possibility for full immersion into Italian Lessons and Tuscan Sea . The starting point is the Pisa Tourist Harbour Bocca d’Arno and the possible routes are: Tuscan Archipelago and the charming Ligurian Riviera .



Pisa is Sun, blue skies, crystal clear sea .  You will Learn Italian  before or while  Sailing Tuscan Sea together with Havana Vela Crew : Italian Language Course with the teacher and sailing practice with the skipper . A unique opportunity for nature lovers and for those who just cannot resist the beauty of  Cinque TerrePortofino, Porto VenereTigullio GulfElba, Capraia and Gorgona islands.  The view will indeed leave you breathless:  crystal clear water ,  bays caves unreachable but by boat, unforgettable sunsets, unique fishing villages, spotless beaches, a fascinating and untamed nature, the traditional hospitality of the local  people.



Program of 20 Italian Lessons + Mini Cruises  during the weekend

  • Period: April/September
  • Italian Lessons:
  • you will be placed to attend your Italian Course-Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Level-after an Entry Test sent via mail at the moment of the booking or during the first day of your Italian course;
  • According to the weather conditions and to the request of the clients Italian Lessons could be held on board of the Havana Sailing Boat anchored in Bocca d’Arno before or while sailing;
  • 20 lessons per week (or more on request) at least- Medium and  Long Duration Italian Courses are available;
  • 4 hours (each 1-hour lesson runs for 50 minutes) a day  from Monday till Friday ( afternoons-or mornings  whether possible).
  • Mini Cruises (3/5 days) to :
  • Liguria: Portofino, Porto Venere, Tigullio Gulf
  • Tuscany: islands of Capraia, Gorgona and Elba




Prices for 1 person:

  • 3 days to Portofino, Porto Venere,Tigullio Gulf, islands of Capraia and Gorgona: € 515,00 ;
  • 4 days to Portofino, Porto Venere,Tigullio Gulf, islands of Capraia and Gorgona: € 590,00;
  • 5 days to Elba Island: € 640,00;
  • Prices can have an additional  18% depending on different services ;


 Prices for 2/6 people:

  • 3 days to Portofino, Porto Venere, Tigullio Gulf, islands of  Capraia and Gorgona:€ 425,00;
  • 4 days to Portofino, Porto Venere,Tigullio Gulf, islands of Capraia and Gorgona: € 500,00;
  • 5 days to Elba Island: € 550,00;
  • Prices can have an additional  18% depending on different services ;


General Rules about Italian Course: 

  • Italian Lessons : about 50 minutes-are held from Monday till Friday -generally in the afternoon-you can choose your own customized calendar on request ;
  •  Italian Lessons  with me are available  all the year round-except during the  Italy’s national holidays;
  • In case of Complaints you may apply directly to me;
  •  At the moment of your Arrival or Departure I can help  you with providing to you with all the useful contacs of any means of transport from the Airport to Pisa.

In case of Renunciations/Cancellations or Reductions of  your Italian Course:

  • I must be informed immediately;
  • Deposit/Entry Fee/ Other payment are not transferable to any other person;
  •  If I  reject any entry or any service as agreed, you will be entitled to a full refund within 30 day;
  • Your Deposit of 50% of the total price in Euros of the Italian Course will not be refundable in case of Renunciation or Cancellation;
  •  If you interrupt or  leave your Italian Course , you won’t be entitled to any  refund;
  • You won’t be entitled to any  refund for any problems with your Arrival or Departure;
  • I am  only  responsible for the Organization of Your Italian Course;
  •  I  reserve the right to dismiss any student whose  conduct is unsatisfactory . There will be no refund for fees in cases of expulsion and any billed but unpaid fees become payable immediately.

Acceptance of this Regulation:

  • All enrolments are subject to the above mentioned General Rules, which become legally binding on acceptance of enrolment by my Italian Language Course;
  • By any  acceptance of an applicant’s electronic and/or signed form of registration or any other written form of registration , the applicant tacitly agrees to accept these General Rules;
  • The application is made according to the Italian Law, and the Italian Law will be applicable to any kind of dispute concerning any matter that might rise a dispute, due to the enrolment.






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