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Maybe you don’t have time to attend Italian Language Classes in your town, or simply there are not many native Italian speakers to practise with near where you live. Maybe you want to learn at your own pace, in a customised way.Learn Italian with a Native Speaker with a good knowledge of English and would like to take Italian  Lessons On Line via Skype in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

 You can enjoy all the advantages of private classes with the unique  method to Learn Italian Online . Thanks to the internet you can have your private classes on any computer with an internet connection independent of time or place.


How it works: 


1. Download Skype Free.   I use the leading free Skype software for the connection over the internet.  If you want to find my    Skype ID:

  • Go to Tools > Search for Skype Contacts> sign in Search: Stefania.Tardino
  • When you see my Skype ID Stefania.Tardino, go to Add Contacts and my name will appear in your contacts list.;
  • When I am available on line  you can contact me

2. Schedule your Italian lesson  by e-mail at: . Remember the first one is free.

3. I  call at specified time.  Be waiting on Skype at your scheduled time, I will call you. Quick chat via Skype. As soon as the connection is established you can talk and chat with me. Here you can both turn on your webcam if you want but I prefer to teach without as it forces students to listen more carefully.

4. Open the virtual classroom with Skype  and begin. I will then call you via Skype and you can work with me with our  ‘virtual classroom’ where you’ll see the teaching material for your lesson. This is like a shared excerise book between the teacher and student where both parties can write all over it and upload pics and videos to help the learning process. I aim to deliver a fun and effective way of learning italian  online, and I have developed a special  method in order to do so. Initially I’ll have a chat with you to work out what level of Italian you have and where we should start. I’ll construct lesson plans based around our tested model, your preferred learning methods. and your interests.

5. Lesson notes + homework are emailed. After your lesson I will send you a copy of the excerises and material used in your class as well as any conversations made via chat features and most importantly homework for your next class!


Italian Lessons Content, Level & Timetable:

  • I can arrange a detailed Topic for your Italian Lesson according to your level -basic, intermediate or advanced-and interest;
  • Preparation for Cils Exams : A1/A2-B1/B2-C1/C2 ;
  • We can arrange a specific timetable according to your availability during working hours-teaching in the evening and on the week-end is also possible.



Price for you Italian Lessons OnLine via Skype, “One to One Tuition”:

  • 1 lesson cost € 16, 00 (60 minutes)
  • A package of 5 lessons cost € 65, 00 (60 minutes)
  • 10 lessons cost € 160,00 (60 minutes)

Price for Cils Preparation :

    • 1 lesson cost € 20,00 (60 minutes)
    • A package of 5 lessons cost € 80, 00 (60 minutes)
    • 10 lessons cost € 220,00 (60 minutes)


How to Pay:

Your payments for your language course can be made by:
  • Pay Pal clicking here below:

Banktransfer to my:

-Iban Code:  IT 37 S 055 8401 795 0000000 79646





4 commenti

  1. Layla Sinha ha detto:

    Italian skype 1 lesson cost € 15, 00 (40 minutes) is not High? i found some people on who provide same service at lower price . i would loved to learn if price i lower . 15 is way to high for us

    Mi piace

    • Stefania Tardino ha detto:

      It’s up to you. I find it a reasonable price. Try it for free for half an hour and then have your say. I always give to my student a detailed program about lessons and I’ll use most of time on skype for conersation.
      Enjoy it 😉

      Mi piace

  2. Steven ha detto:

    Hi, I’m curious if there is a video of you speaking Italian? I looked at the youtube channel but couldn’t find any. I ask because I have found there are some people who I have a very difficult time understanding when they speak it, especially with my low level of skill in the language. Thank you.

    Mi piace


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