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About me & Contacts

My name is Stefania, I was born in South Italy and I’ve been living and working as English teacher  in Pisa since two years.

My love about teaching Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners started working  as Tour Leader  in Palermo. I met lot of people who want to Learn Italian for several reasons .  I found amazing I was an Italian  native speaker and I could do something for people who want to discover Italian Culture. I founded a school in Sicily called I “Fiori Blu di Sicilia” with a colleague of mine to  teach Italian to foreigners 10 years ago. Since then my passion goes on.

Qualifications & Experience:
  • I gratuated in Humanities and Foreign Languages -English and German-at the University of  Palermo. Because of my job as English teacher , I’ ve done a lot of travelling around Europe, North and Central Italy. I love exchanging cultural experience and travelling. I have a profound knowledge of Italy’s Art and Culture. I recognize the importance of communication amongst people all over the world and believe that learning languages can be very fun. I have a good experience  in Teaching Italian  in the classroom and On Line. I teach both adults and children of All Levels -from Beginner to Advanced, and  I arrange with the students a taylor-made syllabus.

Teaching approach:

  • I have a communicative approach to Teaching Italian, whereby one starts speaking and expressing themselves from the very beginning. I combine comprehensive grammatical structures with enjoyable, interactive activities. Every activity is based on various and up to date methodology and involves the student actively. My goal is to improve all your liguistic skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.


Basically, I just wanted:

  • to create a free space on the internet that students think about going when they’re trying to figure out how to Learn Italian: “One to One Lessons” by Skype-for  all levels and for different topics -touristic, business, scholastic-university, sectorial, conversation.  I am familiar with the use of IT and I strongly believe in its effectiveness in learning foreign languages. I believe myself to have a professional and friendly attitude to teaching and convey this well to the students that I teach;


  •  to organize Italian Lessons and private Tours-small groups- in Pisa and its province for all the visitors who want to learn or improve Italian while having a holiday in Tuscany.




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