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Wine Course in Pisa


Pisa in a glass.

Italian Language + Wine Course:

  • Grammar Lessons;
  • Conversation to improve comunicative skills in written and oral Italian;
  • History of Tuscany Wine Tradition;
  • How to taste Wine in few  Steps;
  • Tasting of the most important Tuscan red and white wines in Podera La Chiesa, Terriciola,  in the weekend.

Do you want to learn more about Tuscany’s wines? Have an holiday in Pisa, book your Italian Course and a Wine tasting in Podera La Chiesa, a great modern winery in Terriciola, a silent and calm jewellery in the province of Pisa.


Thanks to my Sommelier exeperience with  the A.I. S. of Lucca ,  the Italian Course about Wine will give you a clear idea of the Tuscan wine history,  appellations and traditions.

You will also learn about:

  • the Tuscan wine regions, their climate and the terroir of the different areas;
  • about the most important grapes of Tuscany, and how they can express themselves differently in each territory, while illustrating the native grape varietals, and especially examples of Sangiovese in different denominations and of different vintages;
  •  a hint about food pairings.

Let’s have an unforgettable wine tasting session in Podera La Chiesa in Terricciola after your Italian course in Pisa tasting  typical wines of Tuscany :988885_423571164478929_3148916826221381927_n

This Italian Course requires no background knowledge of Italian wines, only a bit of thirst! You will leave the class knowing your way around the most important Tuscan wines and feeling more comfortable selecting wine at a restaurant and talking about them with friends.




  • 1 Week x 20 hours  € 220,00-from 2 up to 10 people/4 hours a day:
  • 1 Week x 20 hours € 320,00-One to One Tuition.

The price includes:

  1. Educational Material : textbooks in PDF , worksheets and authentic texts -newspaper or magazine articles;
  2. Tasting of the most important Tuscan red and white wines in Podera La Chiesa, Terriciola,  in the weekend + 1 free Half Day  Excursion in Pisa;
  3.  Assistance for finding an Accomodation in Pisa;
  4. Final  Certificate of Attendance


 How to Book :

  • Write to me at:  to book and customize your Italian Course;
  • I will test your Italian level-Basic, Intermediate or Advanced- after an entry test a test sent via mail at the moment of the booking or during the first day of your Italian course;
  • Once you have booked Your Italian Course you  will receive a Detailed Program of your Italian Course via e-mail  before your arrival- for the whole period of your stay and with a description of all your activities and schedules.

How to pay :

It is possible to pay: 

  • By Bank Transfer:  here below my Bank Account

              IBAN:              IT62-G084-5825-3000-0000-0024-994

             SWIFT CODE:       ICRAITRRCQ0 (last character is zero);


  • By PayPal here below:


If you decide to book an Italian Course at least 2 weeks before your arrival, you have to make a  Deposit of the 50% of the total  price of your Italian Course; the Balance must be paid no later than the first day of  your Arrival at our School.

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