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Learn Italian with Flash Sticks

An easy way to Learn Italian: Flash Sticks.

Have them all around your  room, so you can keep learning a few new words each day. Whether you’reprimary or higher education teacher, FlashSticks make it easy to learn a foreign language in a fun, engaging and memorable way.

How it all began…

“…Here at FlashSticks, we’re on a mission to become “the world’s favourite way to learn,” through the creation of unique learning experiences that are fun, engaging and effective.

We know that’s a bold statement from such a young company, but, after the reaction we’ve had so far, we’ve got a sneaky suspicion that we might just be on to something special.

From humble beginnings, and a sprinkling of genius from one of our founders, Richard, who found himself one night frantically trying to boost his Spanish vocabulary in a business park in Spain, we’ve learned a lot over the last 12 months…”

Read morewww.FlashSticks.com

My friend Jane loves it …


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