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Antinori Winery in the heart of Tuscany

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I finally had the possibility  to visit the new Antinori cellars in Bargino. I had  heard quite a bit about this  incredible winery that belongs to one of Italy’s (and the world’s) foremost winemakers. It is a totally new construction and you couldn’t  remain indifferent after a visit here.

You can breath the “weight” of the Antinori name from the moment you enter the gates. People working there  speak about all you have to know about this charming winery and  how to reach the parking lot… and already you begin to feel overwhelmed. Following the wide and curving driveway you reach the first parking area and if you are lucky, you find a spot. There is a huge spiral staircase leading up to the reception area . The building is architecturally impressive, with its massive cellars built inside an excavated hill and the wide panoramic terraces overlooking the Chianti countryside. Modern and minimalist, the design is all about forms (especially curves) and materials (like the rust covered steel and copper alloy that makes up most of the structures). Innovative in the way the cellars are kept at ideal temperature naturally, year round, without any air conditioning or machinery, thanks to hollow vaults and terracotta tiles held together by being lined up in steel tracks one by one, rather than cemented.



I definitely do think it is worth the visit, as it represents one of the newest and most modern wineries in Italy. Here, the history is in the family name and their long legacy of wine-making in Tuscany, not in these cellars which have been opened for just over a year. This is the Italian wine-making industry at its best. The Antinori family have created a monument dedicated to their empire, and they have done just that.

Download the PDF  about Antinory winery 




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