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Italy in a click: www.italy.it

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Stefania Tardino‘s insight:

Italia.it is the official website for tourism in Italy, sponsored by the Italian Government. 

Its principal objective is that of being a knowledge source on the places, attractions and services relevant to Italian tourism. 

To this end, the Official Website for Tourism in Italy avails itself of the technical contribution of ACI Informatica – Automobile Club d’Italia, and of an editorial team under Unicity S.p.A.. Both entities are coordinated by the Office for Tourism Administration and by the President of the Italian Republic, in collaboration with ENIT.

The website Italia.it has been at the center of numerous reshufflings over the last decade. It currently offers information on services relevant to traveling in Italy – required documents, diplomatic missions, weather, currency, etc. – and a series of cultural, artistic and other touristic content for the entire Bel Paese, including news and events, historical and environmental descriptions – all of which is also viewable on mobile. 


A significant section of the site is devoted to geographical, cultural, architectonic and gastronomic descriptions of every Region and Province of the country, that includes pages on what to do and what to see. Correlated maps, museums, monuments and places of art are linked in each page, so that users can click on just about every site and touristic draw that interest them immediately, just as they can use the search engine to scour the entire site for what places and ideas they have in mind.


Visuals are a major feature on the site as well (since 2012), with photo galleries and innumerable videos and virtual tours covering even many of the least known-aspects of Italy. 


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