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Map of the Best Tools to Learn Italian On Line

I have found lot of resources on the net to learn Italian . Most of them are free. Some of these services are not free, but you can always try a free trial lesson or similar and afterwards you can decide if to go on or not.

I have created a map of  the most useful tools that are available for you to learn Italian on the net. I have used them for my lessons and all my students were really happy with them. With this map  you can have a better idea about what to do to learn Italian on line, either you are studying by your own or attending an Italian course. I’ ve  tried to select the best resources on line for you.  Moreover, I’m going to update all these tools every time I find something interesting on the net. So don’t forget to give a look .

 The map is divided into categories:

● Methods and Motivations
● Online Level Test of Italian
● Dictionaries – Vocabulary

● Video Lessons
–List of YouTube Channels

● Audio PodCast
– For SmartPhone
– To Computer

● Applications for iPhone

● Software and Online Community

● Reading and Listening and Reading Texts with Audio

● Books – CDs – DVDs

● Private Lessons via Skype

● Tandem Language – Community

● Teachers Web Platforms

● Grammar and Online Quizzes

● English for Children

Please, It would be great if you can suggest to me all I need to improve my map giving to me other interesting links or similar . Contact  me  via twitter:  http://twitter.com/stefaniatardino

Click here below and visit the whole map:


Have fun!


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