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BBC and All You Need to Start Learning Italian

BBS Website about Italian Language is full of free resources you can use to practise Italian language.

You will find  different sections about Italian language  clicking on the link here below:


Perhaps it is a little difficult to choose among all these resources available for you in this website. For this reason, if it is your first time here in this website, I suggest you to have your Italian test clicking here the link below:


Answer one question at a time and  you’ll receive your final score plus a guide to the parts of our site that will be most useful for you.   I think that you have to visit each part of the website, so you can watch Italian TV , or learn the phrase of the day and more.

Moreover, the most incredible thing is to  learn Italian in 12 steps. The aim is for you to complete a course in 12 weeks, followed by an ‘end of course’ assessment to see how well you’ve done. You’ll even get a BBC certificate! Sign up for the Steps and BBC will send you a weekly email offering encouragement and tips to help your language learning. And it’s free of charge.

What about this incredible possibility for a beginner? Click here below and find out how to start learming Italian:



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